The Demons and Mages Series
Demons, magic rings, alternate worlds and adventure on a grand scale. Join Willem and Ryder as they battle madmen and demons in a fantastic land filled with magic and wonder.

Both The Mage's Servant and The Demons Captive are available on Amazon, where they have each topped their categories and earned multiple five-star reviews.

Phillip B Dillon dreams about dragons and magic and heroes and adventure, all of which the real world tells us don't really exist.

Because of this, Phillip spends as much time as possible inside the various fantasy lands that inhabit his head. Always a dreamer, he has wanted to be a novelist since he was four years old.

He spent more than a decade honing his craft by writing everything from instruction manuals for corporate clients through to short stories for literary competitions (of which he won more than a few).

The Mage's Servant is his first full-length novel. It's a light, fast, entertaining read aimed towards those who enjoyed the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series.

The Demon's Captive is the sequel. Both books have been best sellers, having topped their categories on Amazon in a number of different countries.

Phillip currently lives in Nelson, New Zealand, with his wife Nina and a cat that gets into far more trouble than you would believe - and then acts all innocent when she gets caught.
"This book was great! Demons, magic rings, gems and a good old fashion ego-maniacal cowardly bad guy who not so slowly loses his mind (making him even more dangerous).

It's a story of Boy meets girl, girl tries to rob boy, and both end up running for their lives from a shapeshifting demon sent to kill him. It flows smoothly along and was an amazing read!"
Thîãš Lïght
"This book, the sequel to 'The Mage's Servant', did not disappoint. The story is just as captivating and it's interesting to see the characters of the protagonists evolve. I'm already looking forward to the next novel."
Kristiaan Van Ermengem
"A very fun read. A+ to any story that can keep me entertained and wanting to keep coming back till its finished. Would recommend and am looking forward to more works from this new author."
Jerad M
"Dillon has created magic here folks...the characters are engaging and fierce in their execution of story line. Plots wonderful! Fantasy worlds look a lot like places i have traveled along life's paths and tight story threads weave interesting places and narratives."
Marlaine Francis
"This book had my imagination soaring from the get-go. I was pulled right in, and I had this finished in just a couple of days."
Timothy J Heatherly
"This is one of the best books I have ever read. I've recommended this book to everybody that I know and so far, I have not gotten a single bad review on it. Worth the read."
Sangwoo Kim
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